IEEE International Symposium on the Internet of Sounds
30 September – 2 October 2024 // Erlangen, Germany


Keynote Speakers

The following keynote speakers have been confirmed for IEEE IS2 2024. Abstract, titles, and schedule are coming soon.


Georg Hajdu

Title: Networked Music Performance as Play and Social Interaction

Georg Hajdu Keynote Speaker IS2 2024Biography: Georg Hajdu is a German composer of Hungarian descent whose work is dedicated to the borderline of music, science, and technology. In 2004, Georg established Germany’s first masters program in multimedia composition, and in 2005, he co-founded the European Bridges Ensemble—an ensemble dedicated to local and wide-area network performance. He contributed to the fields of networked music composition, spectral music, and real-time music notation. His full-length opera Der Sprung – Beschreibung einer Oper, interactive networked performance environment, and a real-time version of Stockhausen’s Elektronische Studie II are particularly notable. Since 2023, he is the director of the Hamburg-based ligeti zentrum. See Georg's portfolio at



Toon van Waterschoot

Title: Distributed audio signal processing in a consensus framework

Toon van Waterschoot Keynote SpeakerBiography: Toon van Waterschoot is an Associate Professor at KU Leuven, a previous Consolidator Grantee of the European Research Council (ERC) and the scientific coordinator of the SOUNDS European Training Network. He leads the KU Leuven Audio Engineering Lab, which is affiliated with the Stadius Centre for Dynamical Systems, Signal Processing and Data Analytics and the e-Media Research Lab at the KU Leuven Department of Electrical Engineering. His lab carries out signal processing in the context of audio, speech, music, and acoustics applications. Toon’s research also involves machine learning and numerical optimization applied to acoustic signal enhancement, acoustic modeling, audio analysis, and audio reproduction. See Toon's portfolio at



Hanna Lukashevich

Title: Acoustic monitoring in urban, industrial and natural environments

Hanna Lukashevich Keynote SpeakerBiography: Hanna Lukashevich is head of the Semantic Music Technologies (SMT) research group at Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT in Ilmenau, Germany. Among her research interests are audio signal processing and machine learning. As head of the SMT group she manages a number of R&D projects, both for companies in the industrial and digital media sector as well as national and international public projects. See Hanna's publications at Google Scholar.


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